Supplier Spotlight Interview – Picture Perfect Photography

Posted by Emma ♥ - June 18th, 2013

Company Name:  Picture Perfect Photography

What inspired you to start your business?  

I had been doing photography when I served in the Royal Navy and knew when I left it was something I wanted to get into.I loved attending weddings so why not combine both and decided to become a wedding photographer!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Capturing all the natural smiles. The best part is definitely when the Bride & Groom first see each other at the end of the Aisle

What has been the best moment of your business?

Being part of so many brides & grooms big day and the fact they are trusting us to capture there day.

What are your business plans for the future?

To keep our great business reputation by ensuring out photography and products reputation is second to none! Oh and to have our first international wedding J

Can you give us a ‘Typical day in the life of….’?

Every day is so different but I guess we start our day with taking our 3 gorgous doggies out for a long walk and then into the studio to catch up with emails editing etc.

Don’t Forget – As Chris and Julie are both from military background (ex navy) they have decided to do a special offer for military personal! So… If you or your partner are in any of the armed forces and you book them as your photographers they will give you 5% military discount & donate a further 5% to Help For Heroes charity!


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Supplier Spotlight Interview – Heron Photography

Posted by Emma ♥ - June 11th, 2013

Company Name: Heron Photography

What inspired you to start your business?

When I was in school I took my first photography lesson by making a camera out of a small cardboard box. 30+ years on and we have come so far, who’d have thought???  I have since become a professional photographer shooting all manner of images since 1996, what I now concentrate all my efforts on is wedding photography, capturing that special moment when the bride glances at the groom for the first time that day is a passion on ours.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I really love waiting for and being able to capture images of a wedding day moment in a thousandth of a second to be cherished and remembered for eternity.

What has been the best moment of your business?

Every booking that comes in from a referral from a previous client is a great moment.

What are your business plans for the future?

To continue to offer a quality product with great service to couples, not to get lead into becoming too big, too busy to remember that a wedding day is an extremely special day for so many people.

Can you give us a ‘Typical day in the life of….’?

The first action I take in every day is Tea, steaming hot mug as I respond to e-mails, social media and ensure all printing and album work is still on track.

I love arranging the engagement shoot, sometimes this is the first time we will have met with the couple especially if they have been recommended to us by a previous bride.

Then it’s post production work on images, uploading to the client area of our website to ensure that when the next ceremony is underway the bride and groom have our 100% undivided attention.

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Supplier Spotlight Interview – Rob Dodsworth Photography

Posted by Emma ♥ - June 3rd, 2013

Company Name: Rob Dodsworth Photography

What inspired you to start your business?

The love, beauty and emotion of a wedding day inspire my photography. But ultimately, the woman I love and married, gave me the support and courage to start my business and I haven’t looked back!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The cake! And of course, meeting so many great couples! I’m passionate about photography because I get a real buzz capturing those special moments – the first look between a bride and her groom, or, the squeeze of a hand at the altar – those memories that you will want to treasure forever.

What has been the best moment of your business?

Being a part of one of the happiest days in a couple’s life together, what could be better than that? Capturing moments in time for them to look back on and be able to share those memories with friends and family, for years to come, gives me a real buzz and keeps me smiling.

What are your business plans for the future?

To keep on pushing myself to deliver the best experience and the best photography!

Can you give us a ‘Typical day in the life of….’?

There’s no such thing but it typically involves more coffee than can be good for my health! Being used by my baby daughter as a climbing frame come trampoline is also a rather typical occurrence. When I’m not being bounced on, then I’m either editing images, responding to enquiries, liaising with other wedding suppliers and meeting couples planning their wedding.  If you’re a couple planning your wedding, go ahead and give me a shout.  I’d love to hear more about your plans for your special day!

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Supplier Spotlight Interview – Lee Archer Photography

Posted by Emma ♥ - January 28th, 2013

Company Name:

Lee Archer Photography

What inspired you to start your business?

I had loved photography for years, but in 1997 on a trip to new york I took 6 rolls of film and wished id had a better camera and knowledge. I began my journey.

In 2009 I started to build my portfolio working with different people and by 2010 had a good set of images that people liked. The job I was in was due to end so my progression came at the right time.

Thanks to support from other photographers this was made possible

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The best part has to be when the customer sees the results and gives feedback, but I also really enjoy the part where I sit down and go through the images in detail, and in a sense re-live the day.

When people say they enjoyed having me there and they love there photographs it makes it worth while.

What has been the best moment of your business?

There has been many, 2012 saw the business grow so much, with a vibrant facebook page and lots of new customers. There was a moment I took a photograph for a couple who were struggling to get a photograph of themselves, I was actually on a different job and waiting to start. I offered to take their photograph and email it for free, not knowing why they were at the hotel.

When i sent them there image, they said thank you for capturing out 60th Anniversary. So that made my day.

What are your business plans for the future?

The future is to keep offering a top class service. And offer more products to our customers.  Im always looking at new ideas, and keep pushing myself to take that extra special photograph.

More investments are due, mostly to make shooting on location easier. There is also ideas to expand with more staff.

Can you give us a ‘Typical day in the life of….’?

Well the day starts at around 7.30am. Emails with a hot cuppa. Then its editing time.

In the peak season or the day before a wedding, its equipment check, batteries charged, memory cards ready, main camera and back-up camera ready. Some more editing  and with a little time off in the afternoon for some food then it’s a little more editing until around 9pm, sometimes il edit until midnight if im not out early. Most days are full of editing, sorting ordered, emails facebook etc.

But i do really enjoy it.

*You can save a FAB 10%  your Military wedding with Lee Archer Photography and they also include a free 16×12″ print when you mention MW1*



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Supplier Spotlight – Spinning Your Dreams Wedding Photography

Posted by Emma ♥ - November 14th, 2012

Company Name:   Spinning Your Dreams Wedding Photography

What inspired you to start your business?  

Martin and I have been photographing weddings together since 2003 [and Martin had been for 10 years before that too].  We got married at the same time as being inspired to start our wedding photography business – we are still not sure if it was business before pleasure or the other way round!  In truth though that is easy to work out as our business gives us the most massive pleasure!  So it has always been a win:win situation!  We enjoy working together and running our business very much.

We love being with our couples and their families and friends on such a special day – where not only is there a great deal of financial investment in the day but also loads of emotional investment too – usually spanning the many months of planning!  We understand that and it is our pleasure to make all dreams for the Big Day come true!

I might just say that we called our business Spinning Your Dreams because we are Martin and Julia Webb.

 ♥ What do you enjoy most about your job?

It is without a doubt doing all we can to make couple’s dreams come true.  When weddings are talked about the word ‘dreams’ always gets mentioned.  It should be a dream day.  It should go smoothly – be fun – be exciting and emotional.  The day should run as close to the schedule as possible.  Guests should feel included and in the loop all the time.  We encourage them to get all the photos too.  It is great fun to see them capturing all the moments too.  Our pleasure to arrange everyone in the groups asked for by the couple.

 The way we accomplish a dream day is:

  • We follow the agenda/time schedule for the wedding day
  • We ask couples of a photo list for their important groups
  • We help wherever we can on the wedding day
  • We are a calm support and guide couples all day
  • We capture every moment & surprise couples with photos they did not know we had got
  • We are unobtrusive but always on hand on the wedding day – organisation where needed to follow the brief in every detail
  • We take couples back to your perfect wedding day with every photograph
  • We help – being part of the team on the wedding day – to give couples the Best Day Of Their Lives – we are dedicated to Fabulous Weddings and Perfect Timeless Memories!

  What has been the best moment of your business?

We enjoy every wedding – we seem to book such lovely couples – who GET us!  Perhaps the most memorable moment was a few years ago when a couple got rather confused with what their hotel had told them and they thought that the hotel organised everything to do with the Registrar – that is the legal bit.  The couple did not do the legal bit – no Registrar to marry them on the day.  When it was realised what had happened the Registry Office was phoned – they told the couple to have a mock ceremony and continue with the day.  So in fact that is exactly what we did.  The only people who know it was a mock cermeony were the Wedding Party and the Hotel and – well us!

Who married them?  I did!  I walked into a room full of 70 guests and I did not say I was a Registrar but I did not say I wasn’t either!  Word perfect [someone dashed to the Registry Office for the script of the ceremony for me] I got them through the Ceremony and the day continued as though nothing had gone wrong.  It was not legal but the day had not been wasted – the food was cooking and all the guests had come on a Friday to the Civil Ceremony.

The fabulous end to this story is that the couple got married on honeymoon in Canada by a Celebrant at her home in the Rockies – which they told us they really enjoyed.

Easily though the best moments of all our wedding days is when we say goodbye to our Bride and Grooms – which is usually after their First Dance.  I have been hugged so strongly sometimes that it has taken by breath away!

What are your business plans for the future?

We have established our business over the last ten years.  We have enjoyed ourselves so much we just hope it all continues into the future.  We aim to do a limited number of weddings a year so that we can give each one of them all our time and attention.  We plan to keep doing what we have been doing – it seems to be what contemporary couples want!


Can you give us a ‘Typical day in the life of….’?

As we are a husband and wife team – both photographers – there is an area my husband Martin handles and an area of the business I handle.  Martin does all the editing and the Album design.  As we always supply a print-ready disc with extra Wedding Art files too – this keeps Martin very busy.  I run our business which means many hats for me.  We each have an office at our home on the Welsh Border just west of Shrewsbury and I am very lucky that Martin also does all our cooking – so we get together for lunch every day and also as I finish my admin/emailing for the day – I can usually start to smell dinner/supper as my office is next to the kitchen.  We have lovely days!  Lovely at home running our business and lovely at weddings – which are always fabulous days out for us!  Spinning our couple’s dreams!



15% discount off our printable disc wedding package for 2013/2014 when you quote MWDSYD


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Featured Supplier – Rob Grimes New Website Launch

Posted by Emma ♥ - August 2nd, 2011

Rob Grimes, one of our lovely friends here at Military Wedding Discounts, has just launched his revamped website and I think you will all agree that it looks fab! I’ll hand you over to the man himself to tell us more about it…

This new design came about from entering a competition with a company called Creative Motion Design (CMD), an American website design company. I had entered a few of their friday submission competitions and then one day I received an email asking if I was interested in submitting an interview with them for their blog in exchange for this new website design,  of course I said yes straight away. So with the interview complete i set about with the design of the new website, i have to say that the main reason for choosing to switch to a new design from scratch was the quality of the designs they had, the sheer full scale of being able to use your images to sell you as a photographer and the fact that, it came with a custom design of Splash Page landing, Flash Website, and pages for Ipad and Mobile phones, so no matter what you use to view the website, it custom designed to meet all needs.

The layout of the website and how to edit the website is designed to be simple and easy and i found the whole process of adding images and wording to the new site, so simple and it only took just under a month to complete my side of the design, then it was left over to CMD to transfer the website to my original hosting name of Once i clicked the transfer button, i received constant communication from CMD and within 24hrs the transfer was complete.

I love the large images style of my new website, the fact that when you look through each page, its the images that will help to sell my services as a photographer, they do say ‘a picture paints a thousand words’, it comes with all the details of me, my services, photography packages, galleries of my images, customer reviews, online shopping carts to purchase images and a client area for password protected wedding images along with a contact page to email me on. Also built into the Splash page are direct links to my Blog and online shopping carts for quick and simple ease of use. I’m also in the process of having a new WordPress Blog designed to match the features of the website, so keep a look out for that coming soon.

I hope you like the new website, just as much as I do and I look forward to building the business with CMD helping me to do that’,

I (and I’m sure I speak for everyone) love it Rob! You’ve done a great job and looking forward to seeing the new blog.

Emma @ Military Wedding Discounts xXx

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Real Wedding – Graham Young Photography

Posted by Emma ♥ - July 28th, 2011

Today’s Real Wedding has been provided by the lovely Graham Young of Graham Young Photography who shares with us the beautiful wedding of Paua and Steve who got married in St Lucia….

Paula and Steve got married in an intimate ceremony in St Lucia with just a few close relatives followed by a reception back in the UK surrounded by friends and family. The day was relaxed and entertaining, much like the couple, making it a fun to shoot and allowing me to get some great pictures of the bridal party, who feasted on a BBQ, followed by chocolate fountains and an array of deserts. While it had all the markings of a traditional wedding reception, with the speeches and the cutting of the cake; the couple admirabley also found time to raise money for Help for Heroes in a collection while the band played.

The setting was Appledore, in the heart of the Garden of England, allowing us to slip away into a near by corn field at sunset for these gorgeous, informal shots of the pair.

The reception allowed Paula and Steve to celebrate their marriage with loved ones before Steve had to return to Afghanistan the week after. Their day was so individual and heart warming, and I felt very priviledged to have been a part of it.

After the wedding I found out that St Lucia was  originally the honeymoon destination and they were supposed to be getting maried in Kent in August. However, Steve, a CPL in the Signals, got called to Afghanistan when the wedding was booked for so they had to cancel. Not wanting to wait they decided to bring it forward and use our honeymoon destination which was kept a secret from the bride until she landed! All she knew is that she was going to be getting married on a beach! Steve told Paula he wanted it brought forward in case anything happened to him in Afghanistan, to ensure that Paula got her dream wedding to him.

In support of all those in the military Graham Young Photography is offering a 10% discount on his packages. To take advantage of the fantasic deal, please contact Graham…

Tel: 0208 857 9180
Twitter: @grahamyoungpicsWebsite:

Graham is also running a Wedding Photography Competition where you can win…

♥ A full days coverage, from the Bride & Groom getting ready through to the first dance by Graham Young Photography
♥ A CD of all images

How to enter

♥ Email the full name of couple, contact tel, location & date of wedding to with the words ‘Photo Competition’ in the subject heading. Competition closes 31st July 2011.

Well that’s some prize!! Good luck to all who enter.

Military Wedding Discounts x♥x

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Featured Supplier Interview – Rob Grimes Photography

Posted by Emma ♥ - July 22nd, 2011

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to the very talented and extremely lovely Rob Grimes of Rob Grimes Photography. I ‘met’ Rob through Twitter and he has fast become one of our biggest supporters for which we are very grateful! So let me hand you over to the man himself to tell you a bit more about himself …

1. When did you begin your business and what do you specialise in?

Photography is something that has slowly begun to take shape over the past 2 years when I learnt by what others were saying, that I had a talent. I had been taking images well before that I must admit, but have to admit that I never saw myself as a photographer, its only recently if I talk to people I say I’m a photographer rather than a soldier (thats my full time job, British Army). I have been over the past 2 years slowly gaining more experience by assisting other wedding photographers, surrounding myself with other photographers and attending workshops. With the aim of establishing a blueprint, footprint on the UK market and a background on the internet/website and breaking into the Wedding Photography market. I do have a liking to documentary style work and people keep saying I should become a photojournalist and cover areas of trouble, so for now its full steam ahead with the Wedding Mark.

2. What is your favourite aspect of your business?

Satisfaction on seeing the final images and wedding album you designed, once you have handed them over to the Bride, its that expression of joy on their face thats means you did a good job. But I have to admit, the being a part of someones wedding, capturing the moments they wont get to see and producing a day of memories for someone to cherish for life, makes the job of covering someones wedding worth while!

3. Tell us about the history of Rob Grimes Photography

The history of the business basically started back in 2009, I served in Afghanistan and started to put pen to paper on the idea back then, on return and after a backpacking tour of Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Hong Kong, I decided it was the right time to start to move things forward. I started the building of my current website, with which im happy with so far today, I then started the network of people who are apart of my current business, from printers, to album makers to everything I need to sustain myself in the wedding market. Networking with other and surrounding yourself with inspiring photographers are what makes you in this business at times, so I have a great group of people to offer me advice and to ask for advice, sometimes its not what you know, but who you know! So I’ve managed to build the business to what it is today, with plans to make it bigger, better and an all round package that people will use and recommend over and over again!

4. Talk us through a ‘typical’ day at work for you!

A typical day for me is to turn up for work in my Army uniform, work till whatever time I finish and then turn my attention to my business, that doesn’t mean I neglect it throughout the day as I always have my iphone/ipad with me to answer any calls/emails and so on. A lot of my time is spent in the evenings, again emails, editing, networking via facebook/twitter/linkedin and so on, so the business is 24/7 to be honest and I prefer it that way. If you take your eye of it for one day, you could have missed that golden opportunity and I’m not going to let that happen!

5. What inspires you most and where do your ideas come from?

Having the opportunity to still be alive after a few close calls in Iraq and Afghanistan, its a constant inspiration to still be where I am today and to have the opportunity’s I have today, so I make the most of that, inspiration comes from everyone, if I plan to go somewhere or shoot somewhere or someone, I use google images to see where and what others have done, angles/light/everything  to give me the idea of what I need to do and what could be best for me!! So thanks to you all for all your ideas.

6. Where is the most popular setting you photograph at?

It all depends on the time of day and what I’m planning on shooting, if it’s a wedding, then the main camera is on manual mode and the backup is on A mode, just so I can pick her up and shoot quickly (i’m a Nikon user). If i’m out and about in an urban enviroment then its M mode and sometimes A mode again. If im away with the forces and out and about on an exercise covering what the guys are doing, the action can be fast paced, so I always use A mode, so i can just control the depth of field and get the images I require.

7. Which is more popular, big traditional church weddings or civil weddings just about anywhere?

Each wedding you cover has its own special circumstances, so it’s hard to say one is better than the other, so in my view, as long as you enjoy your job, do a good job and capture what the bride and groom want you to capture, then anywhere is a good place to shoot in.

8. What plans do you have for the future?

To be bigger, better and more successful than I am now, to have a brand that people know, trust and love over and over again. To one day help someone else to step into the wedding photography world and to help others in this business and to finally keep on traveling the world for more images and experiences. Im also currently in  the process of building another new website, bigger and better to showcase the wedding images off to the world wide web. Oh and win the lottery and to be able to go back in time and invent Apple, Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook to name a few.

9. Where can we find you and book you in??

I can be found anywhere on the internet, either through my website; , by email on, by calling 07833 296598 or on Facebook; as Rob Grimes Photography, Twitter; @rsg72photograph.

I’m sure you can all see why we love Rob here at Military Wedding Discounts and it doesn’t stop there either – Rob is offering all UK and American serving Armed Forces members a 25% discount towards the booking of either you wedding package or family photo shoot when you quote RSG25%

Next week we will be sharing some of Rob’s work with you so be sure to come back and see for yourselves how talented this man is.

Emma @ Military Wedding Discounts xXx

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