Happy Anniversary #7

Posted by Emma ♥ - July 1st, 2013

As this post goes live at 1.30pm it will be exactly 7 years ago that I married my best friend.

7 years!!!  It really doesn’t seem possible.

We’ve had to deal with quite a bit over this time but every hurdle just seems to make us stronger. Whatever life throws at us, we deal with it together.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when he drives me potty (surely I’m not the only one who gets flustered each time I find bits of blooming strawberry jam in the peanut butter!) but thankfully these are very few and far between and to be fair, I’m sure I drive him just as mad. That’s all part of the fun though eh!

Married life was made for us. We still love going out and socialising but at the same time, we are more than happy to embrace the ‘old married couple’ routine of a Saturday night in with a DVD and a bag of Minstrels to share.

These past 7 years have just flown by – well they do talk about how quickly time passes when you’re having fun! With 3 house moves, huge life changes, 2 tours, countless excercises/courses and a new role about to start in October, they have been a mainly magical 84 months. There’s never a dull moment and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We seem to have crammed so much into this last year of marriage – Noel has been back from tour a year next week (how quickly has that gone!!) and we have used this past 12 months as a chance to make significant changes in both our lives and are feeling much happier (and healthier) as a result of this.

I am excited, hopeful and slightly apprehensive for the year ahead. We’re hoping this is going to be a year in which we finally manage to start the next part of our journey but I know that whatever happens, with Noel by my side, together we can deal with anything.

Happy Anniversary Noel.

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Posted by Emma ♥ - September 28th, 2012

Image source

So who watched it then?

I was like a big kid yesterday when I woke up. First thing I said to Noel before he headed off to work wasn’t the usual ‘Have a nice day’ or ‘Don’t forget your lunch’ it went more along the lines of ‘Morning….oh gosh it’s Thursday and you know what that means eh!! That new Homefront programme thingy starts tonight. Better make sure we’re back from shopping in time to watch it’. Queue Noel looking at me like I’m a complete fruit loop as he made a sharp exit before I bored him any further.

I put a reminder in my phone last Thursday to put it on series link so if there was even a micro chance I would somehow forget it was on then it would be taped. I was VERY excited to see this show!

When I was younger I loved Soldier Soldier – actually being honest it was probably more Robson and Jerome (or Dave Tucker and Paddy Garvey as they were known in the show) that had me hooked. I was 11 when it started back in 2001 and I used to get dead excited as I was allowed to stay up late and watch it even though it was a School night!

As much as they’re not the same programme, they are extremely similar in that they are both about soldiers and their families, dealing with everyday life issues that a military couple face but this time I would be watching from a completely different perspective! This time I wasn’t a young girl staying up late on a school night, this time, I was watching it as a military wife which I knew was going to make it very interesting although I’m not sure if that was really such a good thing in the end.

I really enjoyed the show and it certainly didn’t disappoint but I must say, there were a couple of silly little things that got me.

The housing estate/pads where it was filmed. The houses were so nice but didn’t look typically military to me? If they were then I’m getting Noel to put in for a transfer!

What happened to the magnolia walls and typical army fixtures?? I know a few people do decorate their homes but for all the ones in the show to have been done with their nice wallpaper and feature walls the way they were – again it just didn’t really seem a true reflection?

The way in which the family were told about their husband/son dying. That part didn’t ring quite true either.

One thing I could totally relate to was the ‘Knock on the door’ issue. Ah gosh, my heart would stop anytime my doorbell used to go while Noel was away. It would take me a while to pluck up the courage to answer and when I would be faced with the gas man or a courier, the relief was just amazing! If I was expecting someone to come then I would sit by the window and watch out for them so they didn’t have to ring the bell. Even now I get jumpy when the postman knocks even though Noel’s home safe and sound. I count myself VERY lucky that I have never had to experience ‘the knock’.

I think to be honest, I just need to take this programme for exactly what it is and not try to pick faults in it. I feel they maybe could have done a little more research BUT it was a great show and I am really looking forward to next weeks episode already!

What did you think? Did you enjoy it? Will you be watching again?

Emma xXx

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Posted by Emma ♥ - May 25th, 2012

Image Source: goldandgray.blogspot.com via Pintrest


I’m sooooo excited – I’m off on a little mini sunshine break.

It’s been a little while coming as I was originally due to have gone back at the beginning of February but unfortunately we had to cancel due to the snow – all was not lost though as we were able to rebook and so I’m off today. Well actually, I will be there by the time you read this!

All will remain as normal on the site with at least one post per day Monday through to Friday (sometimes two!) but if you do have any queries then the lovely ‘Mini Me’ is back on the case to help so I’m not deserting you completely.

I will have limited access to my emails and will be checking these daily so any urgent requests will be dealt with asap. I’m not leaving you for too long though and will be back on Thursday 31st May.

Until then though you are in capable hands and I hope you all have a fab week!

Much love,

Emma xXx



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Moodboard – Very’s Holiday Essentials

Posted by Emma ♥ - May 16th, 2012

 I’ve just been reminded that I go on holiday next week – woohooo!!

After our failed attempts to get away for a bit of winter sun in February (darned snow!), we rebooked our mini break a while back so I’m heading off for a few days next Friday with my aunt and I can’t blooming wait!

Having realised that I’m lacking a few ‘essentials’ (see here for more about my holiday wardrobe fairies) I took to the laptop last night to find some new summer pieces with my intention being to start by looking at Very but thanks to their fab new Holiday Shop, I didn’t have to look any further!

Get a look at some of the bargains I found…..

Sandals – £14.00

Longline Vest Tops – £5.00

Maxi Dress – £20.00

Buckle Satchel – £22.00

Printed Shortsuit – £18.00

Lime Boyfriend Cardigan – £16.00

Bandeau Swimsuit – £25.00

Stripped Sun Dress – £14.00

So with the essentials now purchased all I have to think about now is trying to retain them for next time I go away!

Much love,

Emma xXx

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Back Soon!

Posted by Emma ♥ - April 10th, 2012


Just a quick message to let you know that I am going to be away from the office for the next few days due to having to go into hospital for a minor operation. I won’t have access to my email on Tuesday or Wednesday but I should hopefully get to them from Thursday so if you could allow a little extra time for a reply – anything urgent send through to enquiries@militaryweddingdiscounts.com where the lovely lil mini me will look after ya!

It’s been a funny few weeks here at MWD – I was struck with Glandular Fever back in March which was awful but I am feeling sooooooooo much better now.  HUGE apologies for the lack of posts this last few weeks but normal service will resume next week – have got so much to fill you in on!

Muchos Love,

Emma xXx



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What about you?

Posted by Emma ♥ - November 22nd, 2011

Image Source

It’s that time of year where we’re all reflecting on the past 12 months and looking towards what we want to achieve for 2012!

I have noticed many sites recently doing  ‘Reader Surveys’ but still being a baby in this market I don’t think the timing is right for me to introduce one of these just yet but that doesn’t mean to say that I don’t value your opinions!

I have spent much of the last month working out my plans for next year and guys, it’s gonna be a good one! There are so many exciting new additions to the site (first of which launches in January!) but I want to make sure I am giving you what YOU want!

There will be LOTS more ‘Real Wedding’ features, guest posters, and next year we will be focusing a lot of our time on fundraising for the charities too.

When I first launched MWD back in July, never in a million years would I have predicted it would receive the support and following that it does today! Don’t get me wrong, I DREAMED it would and I wanted it to be the best it possibly could be but it has just exceeded all expectations. It’s been amazing!

So, from you I would like suggestions/comments on how to improve the site and what you want to see more/less of!! I can’t guarantee that I will be able to implement each suggestion but I want to know what you think so email me at emma@militaryweddingdiscounts.com

I’m one of you – I myself am an Army wife (a very proud one at that!) and I am just trying to find a way to do my bit to help. Sometimes you feel a bit useless when you look at what your husband/wife/partner does and I just want to give something back in what little way I can!

Muchos Love,


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4 Months On….

Posted by Emma ♥ - November 10th, 2011

I can’t believe that it’s been 4 months since Military Wedding Discounts launched – they say time flies when you’re having fun and that is certainly true in this case!

The permanent smile which is now fixed on my face gets bigger each day as the stats grow and the number of amazing suppliers signing up to provide military members with extremely generous discounts on their services increases rapidly!

An idea that enabled me to combine my love of weddings with creative writing and then allow me to raise money for charity too was just my dream job – and I’m now doing this everyday!

I have always been immensely proud of the site and what it represents and I am so lucky to work with the amazing group of people that I do. Never have I been able to say that I LOVE my job or enjoy my work as I do today.

Being self-employed has been a life changing experience. At the beginning I will admit to thinking how great it will be to be able to lay in until lunch time on a Monday after a busy weekend, or how I could take cheeky days whenever I felt like it – oh wow how wrong could I be!

I’ve always had a strong work ethic – living by the moto that you get out of life what you put in, so have worked hard to achieve the best I can but now, well this is just extreme! The latest I have slept to has been 8.00am, weekends are now non existent in that Saturday and Sunday have just become extra week days, and spare time, ha! What’s that? Would I change anything – NOT A THING and actually, it’s only going to get worse as the site grows and the new exciting plans for the coming  year are introduced.

I started in July with a 12 month ‘To-do’ list which would see the site grow at a nice steady pace. This list included….

Getting into the Top 100 Wedding Tweeters List
Winning Theo Paphitis’ #SBS competition
Gaining more than 1,000 followers on Twitter
Gaining  over 15,000 site hits
Signing up 20 UK featured suppliers

I am so so pleased to be able to say that just four months down the line these have already been crossed off and some of these figures have been smashed!

The purpose of this post today was really just to say a HUGE thank you to you all for reading (even you Mum lol!) and to share with you all the great achievements of the last 16 weeks! I’m hoping that I will be able to come back to you all in March with the same, if not even better news.

I’m taking a break from the normal post schedule today and this afternoon I will be back with a more personal post, giving you the chance to find out a bit more about lil old me so make sure you come back at 3.00pm!

Muchos love,

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Personal Rambling – Get Me Organised!

Posted by Emma ♥ - July 27th, 2011

Image Source

Well I’m not too sure if this comes under fashion as such but although it’s not a beauty product it’s certainly beautiful to look at and it was definitely a bargain!!

Having spent the last 5 days in bed with an awful cold and swollen glands and limited access to the laptop (my head was throbbing after 10 mins!) I had to resort to the traditional way of pen and paper which has made me fall in love with myA5 Black Domino Filofax all over again!

I’ve used Filofax’s for a few years now.  I have tried using the diary apps on my iPhone and BlackBerry but I didn’t really get on with either and after the 3rd/4th time of not being able to access the information because my battery had died I decided it was time to revert to the old fashioned method which didn’t prove too much of an issue because….

I am a stationery addict – there I’ve said it!! I get so excited at the thought of going to Paperchase & Staples and can never leave the shops empty-handed. This has now left me with a desk full of spiral bound notepads, funky shaped Post-it notes and the cutest polka dot/stripped ball pens ever! Now don’t get me wrong, my desk looks lovely but my husband has now threatened to donate the lot to our local school if I come home with as much as another paper clip.

Image Source 1, 2 & 3

The problem with having all these notepads is the fact that I now have work notes spreading all over 30+ notebooks and I have no idea where anything is anymore. I thought I was being clever writing all these things down but I am quickly learning I’ve been quite the opposite!

So, I decided that I was going to use the opportunity to really get everything in order and store it all in one place and where better than my Filofax! It has my diary, my contacts, to-do lists and will now have all my notes that I make during the day! I will never have to worry about looking through the piles of notepads and post it notes to see where something is. I’m by no means saying that it will be in perfect order BUT at least I will only have one place to look from now on.

To celebrate this revelation, I have decided that a new A5 Finsbury is going to be a necessity – well if I am resorting to using one item it’s gotta be pink – or maybe Aqua?! Now the relevant part to a ‘Wednesday’ post is that I am going to pick it up from my local staples as they are selling it for £53.00 so you save a whopping £22.00 (RRP £75.00) – BARGAIN!

Image Source


I am going to go for a business day per page diary which is a great help as it separates the day for you between 09.00am – 19.00pm for your appointments/meetings and includes a to-do list & phone/correspondence notes which will be VERY helpful for planning the day.

Image Source

There’s not really much more I can tell you before I get this but I will post a review next week to let you know the set up and will show you how Filofax’s can be a fab alternative from your usual wedding planner too!

Have also found that Gala Darling uses this trusty organisational method too and has even posted on her blog about her Love Affair with her Filofax – Now I’m sure if Gala Darling finds them worthy that has to make them fashionable which in turn makes my post totally relevant!

Will update you next week!

Emma @ Military Wedding Discounts x♥x

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A Little Taster

Posted by Emma ♥ - May 20th, 2011

Image from 77 Inspire

Military Wedding Discounts is live!!

We didn’t want to overwhelm you with too much this week, so in preparation for our launch on Monday we thought it would be an idea to tell you about what you can expect from our blog and ways in which you can get involved if you wish.

We will have a daily feature (Monday – Friday) known as our Daily Blog Treats. These are…

Monday’s Top Wedding Tips – A couple of quirky little tips for yourselves and the rest of the wedding party to enjoy!

Tuesday’s Honeymoon Destinations – Choosing your Honeymoon is no easy task with all the amazing options available. We are going to try to help by showcasing a destination each week along with hotel recommendations and things to do.

Wednesday’s Beauty Buy of the week – The big beauty regime starts long before the big day itself so here you can find bargains on anything from special offers on Skin Care products and Make Up to Health Spa days and Beauty Treatment deals! There will be one for both the UK and USA.

Thursday’s Celebrity Wedding News – A bit of light hearted reading here for a Thursday afternoon and a chance to catch up on some celebrity wedding gossip and maybe even provide some ideas and inspiration.

Friday’s Blog Love – With so many amazing wedding blogs available in both the UK and USA, it is very hard to keep track of them all and read each one! To try and help make things a little easier for you, we are going to publish links to our personal 10 favourite blog posts weekly on a Friday after to help you wind down and get ready for the weekend!

Also coming soon to Military Wedding Discounts will be our weekly ‘Ask MWD’ feature in which, each week,  we will help to source wedding related items requested by our readers. This can be from recommending wedding venues right through to finding the perfect shoes for your Bridesmaids. We can’t promise the solution to every problem but we will certainly try!!

We will be featuring Real Weddings and Engagement shoots regularly, so if you would like to submit either of these to us then please see the Submissions page for full details.

Charity updates for both Help For Heroes and Operation Gratitude – We will be posting under the ‘News and Events’ page information on the local and National fundraising activities that you can get involved with and regular updates on the Military Wedding Discounts donations too so make sure you keep checking!

As well as all the above there will be plenty of wedding inspiration posts to help provide ideas for planning your big day, Featured Interviews allowing Suppliers/Vendors to showcase their designs and services and DIY posts allowing you to add your own personal touches!

Hope you all have a great weekend and we’ll be back, bright and breezy on Monday morning!

Military Wedding Discounts xx

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