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Posted by Emma ♥ - June 1st, 2011

Picking your Bridesmaids

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Well do I have a treat for you!! Seeing as I am 3 days behind (really trying hard to get to grips with ‘Scheduling’ lol!) you will have plenty of reading to catch up with so make sure you come back at 2pm and 5pm (GMT) to catch the rest of today’s posts!

One of the first decisions you will probably make when planning the big day is who will be part of your wedding party – bridesmaids, best man, ushers etc. There are no rules on who you should or should not have or how many (my husband had 3 best men!) but make sure you give it plenty of thought.

One thing that you should consider when picking your bridal party is how reliable they are? When picking you are not only showing people how much you think of them but they will also be helping you with the planning (if you need them to) and helping things run smoothly on the day relieving a lot of the stress from you.

Can you trust your chief bridesmaid to arrange your hen night/weekend? Will they support you during the planning and offer an ear when planning gets too much and you need to vent??

If you pick wisely then your bridal party will be worth their weight in gold!

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