Friday I Heart – Bev Ridge and Friends

Posted by Emma ♥ - June 7th, 2013

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O M Blooming G this stuff is amazing!

The hubby got me a HUGE set for Christmas but it’s only been in the last two weeks that I have started using it and already I am looking to replace some of the items.

The body scrub (I’m Kind Of A Big Deal) is just fab, leaving your skin feeling so fresh and smooth

The bubble bath (Who’s A Dirty Girl Then) is very soothing and relaxing – the scent is  long lasting too leaving you smelling AMAZING

The body cream (I Would Do Me) – Aaah gosh, the body cream, it is devine!! Tip for you with this one – a little goes a long way! It’s quite a thick textured cream so you really don’t need too much but it makes your skin so soft and smelling good enough to eat!!

My husband originally got my set from The Perfume Shop at Christmas but I had a look and couldn’t find it there so had a word with my friend Google to see if they knew of anywhere and my trusty fave Debenhams stock it AND it’s on sale!!!!

The Bev Ridge Indulgence Bath Set (fab name eh!)includes all 3 of the items above reduced from £16.00 to just £4.80. What a steal – I know where I’m going this afternoon.

Anyone else a lover of this brand?

Much love,
Emma xXx

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Friday I ♥ – The Magic Notebook

Posted by Emma ♥ - February 1st, 2013

Image Source: The Magic Notebook

I start each year with the best of intentions to ensure I am organised and plan ahead – I buying my new diary.

I’m a lover of the old school Filofax system – I can add and remove pages easily and only needing to buy inserts each year keeps it quite economical too. However, my poor little Pocket Finsbury is literally ready to burst so this year I am moving my work diary out to something separate and thankfully it didn’t take me too long until I came across these little beauties from The Magic Notebook!

There are LOADS of different variations starting at just £5 for a pocket journal.

Not only will these make great diaries but they could also double as an extremely pretty Wedding Planner too!

With the different layouts including both Month at a glance and week at a glance along with plenty of space for notes too, these would be ideal to help keep you on track with your planning.

The only difficulty I’m having is deciding which one to go for – I love them all!

Hope you have a fab weekend.

Much love,

Emma xXx

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Friday I ♥ – Westfield, Stratford

Posted by Emma ♥ - November 2nd, 2012

Image source

This is seriously a shoppers paradise!

Westfield Stratford opened in September 2011 but Monday was the first time I had actually been there myself  – I can’t understand why I left it so long??

It’s HUGE but really clean and neat. I went along with Noel to pick up a birthday present so it was just a flying visit and luckily the shop we needed was pretty easy to find but we are going to be going again at the beginning of December (Christmas shopping – wooohooooo!) so have downloaded the Mall Guide to make sure I can find all the shops I need.

We are going to make a day of it next time and catch a film followed by dinner there too! There were LOADS of restaurants to choose from and also a food court on the ground floor too for those not wanting to waste too much valuable shopping time.

I am really looking forward to my trip back already – the Christmas decorations were starting to go up this week and the Ice Rink is opening very soon too. I’m useless on the ice myself but I love to stand and watch others!

If you’ve not been yet and are planning to, you will LOVE it – You can even make a wee trip of it and stay at one of the hotels near by.

Happy shopping!

Emma xXx

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Friday I ♥ – Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch

Posted by Emma ♥ - October 19th, 2012

Image Source: Selfridges


She’s a beaut isn’t she!!

My Mum got me thinking last weekend when she asked me what my Nan could get me for my birthday and when reeling her way through a list of suggestions, I suddenly realised that I haven’t actually owned a watch for YEARS!! Nan likes to buy us pressies that we can keep too so this was perfect!

When deciding what kind of style I would like, I remembered back to the rose gold watch I had seen in the Marc Jacobs concession in Selfridges a few months ago. Now obviously I would never expect my gorgeous Nan to spend over £200 so we got to looking on the high street and found plenty of similar styles, the nicest one being in Next, and a tenth of the price too!

I normally wear silver so rose gold is going to be a change for me but it’s just so gorgeous and seems pretty versatile too that I think we’ll get along just fine!

Now what excuse will I have for being late eh??

Have a fab weekend!

Much love,
Emma xXx

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Friday I ♥ – London 2012 Olympics

Posted by Emma ♥ - August 10th, 2012

Image Source: Olympics Wiki


I’m a huge sports fan anyway so knew I was going to get completely drawn in with the Olympics but I didn’t think I was going to love it as much as I have – so much so in fact that I am really dreading it coming to an end on Sunday!

I have always enjoyed the Olympics but I think the fact that it has been on home ground this year has really made it that bit more special. The atmosphere in London has been amazing! I wasn’t lucky enough to get tickets for any events but did pop along to Hyde Park on Tuesday and the place was buzzing! Sadly, the weather wasn’t too good but it didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits. We watched the Mexico v Korea semi final and even my Mum (who doesn’t really like football) was really getting into it. It was so much fun!

Another thing I have to mention is how brilliant all the stewards have been that I have come across so far. Each and every one of them have been so polite, really eager to help and just generally lovely people. They all seem so proud to be doing the job that they are and from what I’ve seen, they’re doing it blooming well too!

I am not ashamed to admit that tears have been shed watching some of these events (Jessica Ennis & Mo Farah last Saturday was very emotional!) and the respect I have for these athletes have grown significantly. They really are great role models as they show what can be achieved with hard work and determination.

With only 3 days left I am planning to make the most of the events and as much as I don’t want it to come to an end, I am looking forward to seeing what the Closing Ceremony brings. Danny Boyle’s Opening Ceremony was just genius and I’m hoping Kim Gavin pulls something just as spectacular out the bag!

Much love,

Emma xXx


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Friday I ♥ – L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream

Posted by Emma ♥ - June 29th, 2012

Image Source:

I love love LOVE this cream!

I have very sensitive skin and for years have struggled to find make up which was light enough not to aggravate me and bring me out in a rash. I also suffer with redness too so when I heard about the BB cream it was a dream come true!

BB creams have many purposes. They can act as a good base for applying your make up (like a primer), they help to even out your skin tone, cover blemishes and most importantly for myself, help to reduce redness!

The texture of the cream is quite strange. It’s very light and actually comes out the tube a bright white colour. It has a kind of grainy exfoliator feel to it too. However, it changes colour as soon as you start rubbing it in…..

This cream is one of my favourite beauty buys of all time and a real bargain too! You can currently pick up the 30ml tube in Boots for £9.99 and get a second L’Oreal product half price!

Hope you have a fab weekend!

Emma xXx

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Friday I ♥ – Batiste Dry Shampoo

Posted by Emma ♥ - June 22nd, 2012

Image Source: Batiste Hair


I had been meaning to try this for ages as I’d heard so many great reviews, so when I seen they had the trial size bottles in Boots for £1.50, well I mean it would have been rude not to eh! I had to see what the fuss was about.

I usually wash my hair every other day. If I was to do it more than that it goes very dry, however leave it any longer and it gets quite greasy.

Seeing as I had no plans for Monday, I decided to delay my usual weekly Sunday deep conditioning treatment until the following day so I could test my Batiste Dry Shampoo the next morning.

I have actually done a full review of this product which will be on the site very soon but just to briefly sum it up – I blooming LOVE it! How I’ve coped without Batiste in my life for as long as this I don’t know. I love it so much that I now actually have the full size and handbag too!


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Friday I ♥ – Wedding Ideas Magazine’s New Website

Posted by Emma ♥ - June 15th, 2012

I love love LOVE the new Wedding Ideas Magazine website!

Not that I didn’t love it before of course but it is now bursting to the brim with amazing features including….

Dreamy Dresses

Amazing Videos

Real Weddings


and there’s even a chance for you to share all your planning ideas and stories over on their forum

Wedding Ideas was always my magazine of choice when I was planning my big day – its handy handbag size and hundreds of pages full of gorgeous wedding prettiness all at a very reasonable price too made it my planning bible!

A little warning though! I was having my usual ‘quick look’ last night – 3 hours later (2.30am!!)and I’m still there! It’s a highly addictive site. It’s a bit like a box of Pringles – Once you read one article you just can’t stop.

Much love,

Emma xXx

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Friday I ♥ – Holidays With My Aunt

Posted by Emma ♥ - June 1st, 2012

I’m back!!!!

Never have I had a holiday that’s made me feel as refreshed as this one has. It was heavenly.

Last Friday morning we jetted off for some sun to Tenerife. Some people think we’re a bit mad as this has been our ‘mini break’ destination of choice for nearly 10 years now and we stay in the same hotel too BUT the way I see it is that we are near enough guaranteed good weather whatever time of year we go and the hotel cannot not look after us any better therefore we are always guaranteed a good break!

We stay at the Mare Nostrum Resort in Arona which is a complex made of 3 hotels and we have been spoilt rotten on each occasion – pressies in the room each evening and just generally really lovely people who can’t do enough to help you.

Each day was made up of lots of chilling by the pool, swimming, eating lots of lovely food with a few yummy cocktails thrown in too!

Being just my Aunt (Kathleen) and myself that went this time we realised that in order to get photos of ourselves without having to ask someone to do it every couple of minute then we’d have to do it ourselves which has resulted in my Tenerife May 2012 album consisting of loads of head shots lol. It was a real giggle looking back through these when we were at the airport coming home last night – here’s a little taster….

Excuse the big red blotch on my cheek but I was bitten alive by mossies on the Sunday! Never happened before so I now know to make sure I put repellant on before I head out – we live and learn eh!

The countdown has now officially started for our next trip – only 188 sleeps! I’m sure it won’t be long coming. We’ve got my Mum and Sister coming this time too so that will be a giggle!

Much love,

Emma xXx

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Friday I ♥ – Flossy Lace Up Plimsoll

Posted by Emma ♥ - May 25th, 2012

Flossy Navy Lace Up Plimsoll – Office

I’m loving Flossy’s!

Canvas lace up shoes are fast becoming a staple in my summer wardrobe. I usually go for the cheap white ones from Primark but I have found that I end up buying between 3-4 pairs each year (I wear them lots lol) so wanted to try find something a bit more durable this time round so they’d last a bit longer and these are just perfect!

They come in a range of colours and the wooden effect synthetic sole gives them a little ‘edge’ too. They are priced at £24.99 and look to last a lot longer than my other ones.

Much love,

Emma xXx

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