Rob Grimes – Emma & Rob Engagement Shoot

Posted by Emma ♥ - February 21st, 2013

I thought we would all need some cheering up on this somewhat cold and gloomy day and couldn’t think of anything better to put a smile on our faces and make us all feel nice and warm inside than this super cute couple’s engagement shoot courtesy of the lovely Rob Grimes.

I LOVE the location of this shoot – only Rob could make a bus garage look cool!

Name of couple: Emma & Rob

Date of Photoshoot: 24th November 2012

Location: Gloucester Bus Station


Proposal story:

I don’t know the full in and outs of how they got together or how they proposed, but I know that Rob has only just got back from his second tour of Afghanistan and he’s madly in love with Emma. So I know that regardless of how they got together, true love has brought them together and  their wedding day is going to be AMAZING.

When are they planning on getting married? 1st December 2012 (wedding pics coming soon!!)

Have they made any wedding plans yet?

The wedding will be an Urban inner city wedding in Swindon, We did the Amour photo shoot to give Emma & Rob an idea of some images we could do for their wedding day. There will be lots more to come and one wedding image if it comes off, is from the top roof of a hotel at  night with the backdrop of Swindon in the image…You have to come back to see the wedding images if you want to see more.

Thanks Rob and can’t wait to see the wedding pics!

Don’t forget! The FAB Rob Grimes provides a 10% discount to all UK and American serving Armed Forces members towards the booking of either your wedding package or family photo shoot when you mention RGP10%.



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