Alternative Military Discount Providers – The Military and Veterans Discount Center

Posted by Emma ♥ - August 12th, 2011

As I mentioned previously, we are going to be introducing some new features to Military Wedding Discounts and today I am very pleased to introduce ‘Alernative Military Discount Providers’. There are many other companies like ourselves all wishing to help members of the Armed Forces save money and today I would like to introduce you to The Military and Veterans Discount Center

The Military and Veterans Discount Center believes that it is the largest collection of U.S. based businesses that provide discounts for military personnel, retirees, veterans and their spouses.  Founded in April of 2011, the sites aim is to remove confusion about military discounts and allow businesses a way to connect and showcase their discounts to the military community.  Currently, the site has over 226,000 discounts listed and members can search by plugging in their zip code and selecting one of 20 categories.  The founders believe that better and deeper, everyday discounts can be obtained as more individuals subscribe to the service.  To subscribe, simply provide your email address.

MVDC has stepped to take the role of providing accurate military discount information through its content.  The latest content piece is a collection of 26 businesses that provide military discounts.  Learn more about military discounts nationwide at MVDC.

If you are a charity helping our troops in the UK and/or USA or a site like MVDC who helps promote discounts for members of the Armed Forces then please get in touch – we would love to hear from you!

Much Love

Emma @ Military Wedding Discounts xx